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Family Eye Care in Tyler, TX

While we rely tremendously on our eyes, often we take their health for granted. It is only when our vision becomes impaired that we fully realize the degree to which we depend on these complex, integral parts of our bodies. When you are seeking an optometrist in Tyler, Chandler or Lindale, TX it is important to find properly trained and conscientious eye care professionals with the most up-to-date knowledge and equipment. Our eye doctor and staff have years of experience treating a variety of eye issues and are here to serve you.

Eye Exams by Local Eye Doctor in Tyler, TX

Whether your vision is in need of correction due to an ongoing issue or if you have recently experienced sudden vision loss or distortion, we are here to help. The thorough eye exam we offer at our practice in Tyler will ensure that the source of your eye health problem is identified with care and skill.
With the latest technology and treatment options, we can provide the highest level of care for your eyes.
Our optometrist, Dr. de Jenga, offers a wide range of eye care services for all ages to patients all around Tyler, Chandler, Lindale, Ben Wheeler and Canton, Texas. Contact Family Eye Care today to discuss your eye care needs with one of our staff.